Saturday, November 5, 2011

Saturday Morning Outing

Here we're waiting for the boat at the boardwalk to take us to the Swan and Dolphine

We greatly enjoyed bundling up!

It's a windy day and Evalyn just LOVES when that wind blows through her hair.

Azariah found the sand very entertaining. There's a seal (statue) on the beach that shoots water out of it's mouth for the kids to play in. So of course he had fun getting both wet and then sandy:)

This morning we decided to get out of the house and enjoy the cool weather! We bundled up and went to the Boardwalk, an Epcot resort, and great area to go on a stroll. The kids had a blast! We road the boat over to the swan and dolphin resorts and played at the park and in the sand. Azariah stood in line for the boat saying, "Oh Boy, oh Booyyy!" He practically skipped and leaped around the whole morning.
These past few months have continued to be a learning process for Joshua and I as we wrap our heads around life with two kids. God's been gracious to remind us to set everything aside at different moments to spend time loving them and building fun memories that will shape them for a life-time. I've decided that I'm going to work hard to take photos with them (not just of them) so that they'll be able to look back to see how very much they are loved and cared for. It's weighty being a parent, but a HUGe blessing being one of the major shaping influences in their lives ...and a large part of their growing identity.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Cooler Weather Activities

Although we do not get the beautiful fall colors here in Orlando, we have recently gotten a taste of cooler weather. There aren't places in our complex for the kiddos to play, so we've turned our garage into a hang-out.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

20 minutes away on the phone

"I'm dressed up like Santa cheeks are like roses, my nose like a cherry." This is what Azariah said as I walked into my room after 20 minutes on the phone with my mom, and this is what he and Evalyn looked like! There's never a dull boring moment in our household, and I never thought I'd find myself wishing for one...sometimes:)

As I'm typing, Evalyn's by the door rattling off, "one-two-three-four-five-six-seven-eight-nine! come!" Her and Azariah are playing hide and seek! Of course they hide in all the same places and pretend to be surprised every time! Ooops, baby down! Gotta Run!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday Mornings

We are still getting used to the hours that come with campus ministry. Since college students are night owls, often times Joshua is gone a couple nights a week as well. So to compensate, He stays home thursday mornings to spend time with us and to cook a big breakfast. It's been such a treat! Often times he'll make delicious omelette's with veggies and goat cheese, but this morning we teamed up to make a pancake breakfast. It was tough for the kids to wait for it to be done, and they devoured their food almost immediately. But it was fun to sit down together and enjoy some time as a family. The featured item this morning was the award winning cherry jam from Door County. Yum Yum!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Growing kiddos

Hiya! Just wanted to post a couple recent photos for you grandparents! Evalyn's been cutting through her molars which has been a tough process, but will be very handy and aid in her eating habits. She wants everything her brother has. Recently she's learned how to use a spoon and scoop her own food out of her bowl. Less whining for "more food" and I can eat at the same time as everyone else:) These other photos are of the kids taking their morning quiet time. It's just amazing as a mom to see your kids finally doing what you've worked so hard to instill. This particular morning, I'd mentioned it was quiet time...Azariah chose his bed and Evalyn underneath the coffee table in our living room. I CHERISH slow, quiet mornings...they are rare:)

Monday, August 15, 2011

New conversations

Here's how the conversation went on the way home from the chiropractors office this morning: Evalyn throws her pacifier on the floor and says, "All gone." "Remember what we talked about," Azariah continues, "If you're going to throw your pacifier on the floor than your not going to have it for the rest of your life." "And remember what we talked're going to be a good listener today! Say yes Ma'am!" "Yes Ma'am," she quickly replies.

Oh how our days are filled with so much laughter.

On Sunday we were informed that Azariah was a great listener and helper. One boy jumped up on the couch in their classroom and Azariah quickly told him, "That is a BIG No Noooo! We need to sit on our bottoms."

I thought, ok, if he were a little older, he'd probably have gotten beaten up for telling someone that! But I guess for now we don't have too much to worry about.

He certainly is a social butterfly, no longer worried about staying next to us. It's become common that one minutes he's standing right next to me and the next he's gone. It's tough to carry on a conversation. So then we go looking....There he is up on stage with the band, putting away equipment and being instructed on what all the different pieces and cords are for.

Sound like Nick (my brother) when he was a boy. I believe his first word was transmission tower!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

We're home!

It has been quite the summer, full of many new experiences and lots of adventure! We sure miss everyone and missed not coming home for an extended visit. On many different occasions Azariah mentioned Papa's tractor & lawnmower. The kids are doing great. We arrived home in one piece a couple weeks ago and have been getting back to an ordinary schedule. It's been a big week for us in many respects. For one, Azariah learned how to swim and has been practicing with Joshua (whose not as excitable as me). We also potty trained him last week and purchased many Mr. Incredible, Finding Nemo, Cars, and Toy Story underwear! We celebrated with Brownies and presents (undies and swimming goggles:). He has done a great job! Here are a few recent photos, for many more check out facebook:)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Photos from Today!

Well, we're getting down to the wire, as we'll beginning our trek to Colorado in just over a day! We're far from packed, yet feel pretty ready to get on the road as we've been preparing for awhile. Our first stop will be Alabama, where we'll stay with my friend Liz Steele! We plan to drive one day, then take one day of rest before heading to our next destination, Tulsa, OK. Here we'll stay with good friends Bob & Natalie Schaller. Then from there we'll be on our way to Vail, CO. Please pray for us as we'll be on the road a lot at night:) Thanks!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dad & Tamara visit sunny Orlando

We were so blessed to have very special visitors this past week. Dad was well enough to come and visit us in Florida, and even got the Doctors permission before flying south:) We spent some of our time in Celebration. Surprisingly we didn't get kicked out after Azariah whipped off his clothes to run through the fountain. Somehow he knew Mom wouldn't be too happy if he got his clothes wet, so they came right off. Man you gotta love being a kid, life is so simple!

Also, take a close look at the photo of Azariah in front of the lake. Seriously??? Florida, I'm learning more and more, is NOT Minnesota:)

We also spent some time at the pool and played some qwirkle after hours when the kids were sleeping. It was sad to say goodbye, but we sure enjoyed the time we had!