Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We're moved...

It's been a wild month...gearing up to move, moving and then setting up a new home. God has really blessed us through this process, and although it's been really tough with a toddler, we are glad to be here. Azariah is adjusting well and loves swimming in our new pool. This past weekend Lars (Joshua's brother) visited from Wisconsin. Azariah had such a fun time with him, and was so sad to see him leave again. He loves spending time with young men in particular and grows fond of them really fast. He watched everything Lars would do and really looks up to his uncle.

Evalyn is growing rapidly. Last summer in Colorado another Campus Crusade mom looked at Azariah as said, "Girl, that's not milk you're feeding them, you've got CREAM!" I think about that often and laugh, now that we're on our second bundle of rolls and creases:) Evalyn has been talking a lot lately and loves looking at faces. I've never encountered such a smiley baby!

We are gearing up to head to Minnesota in a couple weeks and really look forward to spending much needed time with our family and outdoors. O BOY I miss it up there. Please pray for us if you think of it... that we would have time to prepare and get organized for our trip, and that the kids would make another transition smoothly. They've had lots of change recently!

Azariah has found numerous places and positions to fall asleep in these past weeks of busyness and transition:)