Tuesday, October 5, 2010

more photos :)

It sure doesn't seem like it could get much better. We are very blessed to have these two little ones entrusted to us for this season of life. We sure do miss all of you and can't wait to spend time with you.

Evalyn has been such a happy little baby, and brings much joy into all our lives. Azariah loves being a big brother. He's learning how to treat his sister, and how to say" I'm sorry sister," when he gets too rough. I'm sure she'll make up for it, when she becomes more mobile here in a few weeks and shows more interest in his toys. She's on her hands and knees scooting all over, but hasn't crawled yet. I learned a new lesson the other day: I laid Evalyn down on Azariah's bed to change a diaper. When I turned around a few seconds later, we watched her roll off his bed (which thankfully is one the floor, but still about 1 1/2 feet up), and roll across the floor like a little hotdog. I was sure she would cry, and was frankly horrified myself. She thought about it for a second, then got a huge smile on her face. Things are changing every day!

Azariah has been learning a ton as well. He's enjoyed spending time with other kids his age in the nursery at church. We've also been attending a reading time at the Library once a week with a very dynamic story-teller and singing and dancing. It's a great time.

He's been learning to count to ten, sing different songs, build "Big Houses," cook in the kitchen, and go to the bathroom on "the big boy potty." He's interested in everything, and loves getting outside to the pool, going to the grocery store, and to "the farm," where we pick up our milk every few weeks.

check out the pose below as well to see his recent baking project. Cookies for the neighbors, which we ended up eating because no-one answered their doors................:( Also, you can turn off the music to hear the video if you scroll down the left hand side of the page. Just press pause...

M.I.C.K.E.Y M.O.U.S.E mickey mouse..