Monday, February 21, 2011

Recent visitors

Mom & Terry visited early february while Joshua was out of town in Boulder, CO. He had some ministry related training out there, which turned out to be such a wonderful time. Meanwhile we had a great time visiting the Polynesian resort & Animal Kingdom Lodge. We also taught Terry how to play quirkle, which in return he decided to woop us!

It was also a very busy week for the kids. Evalyn learned to walk, cut another tooth, and tried some of her first foods, which she spit right back out. We may wait a bit longer before trying food again! Azariah enjoyed walks with Grandpa, dodging the doggy doodoo outside, since we live in a complex with about equal number dogs as people. There's no dodging it really!

Randy & Tammi Jo flew in this past thursday, as Tammi had a conference her in Orlando. We had a great time swimming at their resort and floating along on the lazy river. On saturday they treated us to a day at SeaWorld. Since we're only a couple minutes away we came home for nap time while they stayed to watch a Willie Nelson show, that took place there in the after noon. Luckily no-one tripped and broke a hip or anything disastrous like that during the show. Well, we're back to just the four of us! We miss you all very much!

Friday, February 4, 2011

First bites

Moment by moment, here is Evalyn eating some peas and avocado. She's been growing more interested in food, although I've been trying to hold her off. So tonight we fed her some bites just for fun! Although at about 25bls, I think my milk's doing an excellent job!