Saturday, January 29, 2011

Up and running

This week has been a busy one, yet God continues to remind me every day how very blessed I am. The kids are doing great, and love playing with each other. Evalyn lights up every morning at the first sight of Azariah. And he constantly asks to "play with the baby?" during her naps when she's not around. It's been fun to teach Azariah more about sharing his toys, since most of them are his, he's constantly having to share:) Evalyn always has to have one "guy" in each hand, and yells very loudly if Azariah snatches one away. Every day is challenging, especially when the kids get to bed late the night before. However, God's been really teaching me how to love them both with a more affectionate and tender sort of love, which I can miss out on when the days get busy. We have much to learn about loving our children well, and I'm thankful to have every day to practice!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Homeward Bound

We had a great time in Colorado at the Denver Christmas Conference. We left very encouraged after meeting other staff from the Great Plains region as well as hearing from a couple different pastors, including Brian Lorritts.

It is nice to be home now, and we've jumped right back into things (Aside from a couple different detours along the way). Yesterday morning as I was making a smoothie, the vitamix got turned on without the lid on. Green juice EVERYWHERE! Azariah was So shocked...we both just stood there frozen for a few seconds before assessing the damage. Lets just say I love tile floors:)

Today we headed to Disney for a bit as a family to reconnect with some friends Joshua's made these past few months. It's so exciting to be back and immersed in a culture of ministry with these students. We're so excited to build deeper relationships and share life with these young students who are searching for purpose. What a blessing!

Evalyn and Azariah continue to be such a joy in our lives. Evalyn is growing up! She chases her brother around, interested in everything he's up to. She blabs every time I begin talking, then is completely quiet when I am... When it's quiet often times I'll find her in their room playing quietly with toys, books, clothes etc... She has to have one thing in each hand at all times...especially as she continues cutting teeth. Her smiles brighten up the toughest of days!

Azariah loves being a big brother, although he may not be ready to admit it. He's been imitating Evalyn by crawling around on the floor blabbing like a baby. She crawls all over him, yet he just brushes her away. Today at the dinner table he asked to hold my hand and proceeded with his eye's squeezed tightly shut. "Dear Jesus...... Mommy, Azariah, Daddy, Baby! Jesus thank you for Toy Story & blankie..........Mommy, Daddy......Aaaaaaaaaa-Men! His greatest joy continues to be spending time with other people and reading books!