Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Joshua's fathers day blessing

Sunday evening after washing up, Joshua took Azariah out of the shower to put his pj's on him. Lately we've been hanging pretty low in the evenings with the intentions of spending more time reading as a family. So after we were all ready for bed, Joshua picked Azariah up to carry him to the living room... and then it happened. 

Azariah wrapped both arms tightly around Joshua's neck, giving him a big hug, and said, "DaADaA," with great excitement. 

Monday, June 22, 2009

Good Evening from Colorado

We're sitting inside our apartment this evening, listening to the rain and thunder outside. Colorado has been a great adventure for us so far as we've gotten to catch up with old friends and enjoy the beautiful mountains, which are practically outside our front windows. Joshua's first day of IBS (Institute of biblical studies) classes went  really well today. He's taking Old Testament Survey & Biblical Interpretation. These two classes will be an intensive two weeks and then he'll start Biblical Communication for the last two weeks. We're so thankful, and feel so privileged for this opportunity to learn and grow in this way. Pray that we would come out of Colorado spiritually refreshed & hungry to continue pursuing and living for the one true savior. 

"O Lord, we will sing and praise your power." ~psalm 21:13

Friday, June 12, 2009

Leaving this Friday for Colorado State University

Here we go... sometimes I feel like we're on a roller coaster ride and about go over the big drop. Yet, despite all these past few months have had for us, we're doing great and excited for all that's to come this summer.
We got back this past Sunday evening after spending the weekend with some friends in Wesley Chapel, near Tampa. Our time went quick, yet God allowed us the privilege of sharing our ministry with a small group of people Saturday night over dinner, and again on Sunday morning, as Joshua shared for three services at First Baptist Wesley Chapel. He went over his allotted 15 minute time slot, taking 30 minutes total. During the last 15 minutes I stood visible through the glass doors at the back of the church trying to discretely give the "stop talking" look. Yet during that time Pastor Frank had decided to keep Joshua up on stage the entire service to share, and then for questions and answers at the end...for all three services. It was quite humorous now that I think about it, yet such a blessing.
Azariah continues to grow and learn more quickly than I can keep up with him. He's not walking yet, but can stand for brief moments without holding onto anything...and we're NOT encouraging walking. We also discovered today that he's cutting two more teeth on the bottom, which explains why he's been really irritable and fussy this week. The whole week I wrongly accused him of having discovered his ANGER (or at least how to EXPRESS it), and was somewhat frantic about how to handle this new phase of development. God has definitely been growing me to have more patients and revealing my sin during moments when I have little. We can't wait for all you grandparents to get your hands on him this summer:)
Joshua's been sick these past few days, and I've selfishly greatly enjoyed having him at home. He's starting to feel better, despite the Orlando Magic's loss last night, and we're hoping to hit our packing lists hard this weekend.

We love you and hope to talk to you all very soon,